Screenwriter, Videographer, Producer, Editor

Video production is my main multimedia squeeze. It took a while to realize how much I loved it, so here’s the Cliff Notes version of this love story:

  • I grew up watching Trading Spaces Kids on HGTV.

  • I realized I was more intrigued by how the story of the project was told through video and dynamic hosts than I was by the interior design.

  • I switched from majoring in Interior Design to Mass Communication.

  • I looked for video projects wherever I could find them, because there wasn’t a dedicated film or video production program on campus.

  • I found incredible mentors, amazing opportunities, and a lot of experience in visual storytelling.

Producer, Videographer, Editor

Videographer, Editor

Assistant Videographer, Editor

Videographer, Editor

Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphic Designer

Designer, Animator (audio is from “In a World” by Lake Bell (2003)

interactive video

For my graduate school capstone project, I created an interactive video resource called Interactive Bystander to help students ages 13-18 identify signs of depression and thoughts of suicide in their peers. The videos follow fictional situations where the viewer gets to choose whether they intervene in their peer’s behavior or ignore it. At the end of each scenario, there’s a review of the signs displayed and a critique on the viewer’s choices. Click the videos below to begin a module see if you can identify all the signs displayed.


Just for fun…

The videos below are not perfect, polished, or the most amazing videos ever (honestly, neither are the ones above), but they were fun as hell to make and worth sharing. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Warning: Not safe for work. But super funny…

Parody of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland's "SexyBack” (2006) I wrote, directed, filmed, and edited.

This 100-second story follows the struggle of those last few months before graduation.