Graphic Design

The Adobe Illustrator pen tool and I have become pretty good friends. Over the past few years, I’ve used it to create maps, infographics, and animations that convey the client’s message to their audience.


Downtown Waxhaw Wayfinding signs

Wayfinding kiosks were introduced to downtown Waxhaw, North Carolina in the Spring of 2018. They were designed to communicate the variety of businesses and events in Waxhaw’s ever-growing and incredibly vibrant downtown area. In accordance with the Town of Waxhaw brand guide created by Haven Creative, these kiosks blend strong branding with crucial function.

“In a world” (2013) motion graphics Animation

This animation was created through paper “cutouts” I created digitally. To incorporate texture in the piece, I scanned colorful scrapbook paper using a printer, then digitally cut out pieces in Adobe Illustrator to compose the shapes you see in the video. I then animated the shapes and typography in Adobe After Effects.

The audio clip is from the film “In a World” by Lake Bell. In this particular scene, she is teaching women to own their voices to more confidently present themselves as strong women.

Motor Vehicle Fee

Waxhaw Motor vehicle fee infographic

In the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year budget, the Town of Waxhaw implemented a $25 motor vehicle fee that would contribute to a transportation fund. This fund will be used for small projects such as adding turn lanes and stop lights throughout the heavily visited town.

By nature, the fee was met with grief by the town’s residents, so in my role at Haven Creative, I designed an infographic postcard that was distributed to residents at public meetings and shared digitally on social media. The postcard helped clarify why the fee was implemented, when it would take effect, and how it would actually benefit residents in the long run.